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September is my first pamphlet of poetry, published by Offa's Press in 2019. Many of its poems contain imagery of the wildlife and landscapes of Cannock Chase, some are set in my home town of Shrewsbury, and some honour my friends and family. 

I wanted the poems in this pamphlet to tell a story. It's the story of a year in nature (whether urban or rural), and the physical imagery of the changing seasons. But it also tells the stories of events, memories and associations I have with those seasons. I've  tried to wrap this all up in unusual and sometimes challenging imagery.


This pamphlet has been a journey for me; poetry as catharsis, negotiating personal loss (and how to write about it), and finding my niche, rooted firmly in my day-to-day natural surroundings.                

Respected nature poet and playwright Chris Kinsey kindly provided the following endorsement for the cover.

Cherry Doyle's poems "linger like a note trembling on a cello's string."

They refresh a sense of wonder with the world. Exquisitely crafted, exact in observation and musicality, the insights of these poems are authentic and fresh. 

Her images are astonishing.

"It feels like we could pull the zip of geese back across the sky, refresh ourselves with dew." 

I hope everyone finds something to love in September.

September is available to buy online from the Offa's Press shop.


They come like dew, with winter nights

around their backs, studded with scars - 

fester in the brain's base, bubble up

to knuckle trees and constellate lawns.

They court with jellied jewels, feral lips,

and soft soles bared beneath brambles;

recycle, stone-still; frilled trumpets silent

as the cold sun lowers its flag between the trees.

Cherry Doyle, September, Offa's Press, 2019.

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